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“In complex organisations, where often departmental objectives seem conflicting at the coalface, fluid and clear communications are essential"


Ingenuity & innovation

With over 20 years of experience in communications planning and implementation, I have worked for two of Britain's best known brands, Virgin Atlantic and BT, receiving a baptism by fire from the former and an MBA courtesy of the latter.

As a consultant, I have worked on a wide array of brands including: British Airways, BT, Commerzbank, the Post Office, NEC and Pillsbury as well as for Central Government. I have also participated in various local voluntary committees and developed the brand strategy and naming for Deptford X, a prominent south east London arts festival.

More recently, I have been using my communications skills in copywriting. I have done a stragegic review for a large education group providing British education in for pupils in Spain and Latin America. I am now rewriting all marketing material including print and web.


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