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“In complex organisations, where often departmental objectives seem conflicting at the coalface, fluid and clear communications are essential"


I love words

I love words. I love talking about words and syntax – knowing when to be a stickler for rules and when to bend them. I have always prided myself on being able to write a strong brief, from both the client side and the agency side. You want a brief to be broad enough to get really great ideas, but narrow enough to get to the root of the root.

I also like complex stories - from Dickens to the Internet – I like to know how things and people work. People say things are more complicated in the 21st century, but it seems to me many of the old themes do keep re-emerging. It takes a word and thought to tease out the essence of an idea or a process without over-simplifying.

However, I’ve also been in many a meeting where gurus work hard over-complicating to justify their existence. The world of brand consultancy is awash with some truly hilarious statements anchoring some truly inane propositions. My background is mostly in planning and strategy, but in the last few years, I have been doing much more writing – plans and briefs as well as copy for print and on-line communications. I have no doubt that my classical marketing experience has made it easier for me to make this transition.

There’s no disguising the fact that I don’t have a vast copywriting portfolio. I do, however, have the experience and confidence to know that I am a bargain to any organisation that will take a chance with me. What finally led me to this place in my life, is joy of writing a really good sentence or paragraph. Sometimes it comes in a minute, sometimes after agonising over it for hours.

It is remarkable that with all the business words out there, most of it is boring. I have also worked for clients that say – ‘it doesn’t really matter, no one reads it anyway’ – also remarkable. I can help change that.  


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